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Biography/Artist Statement

A native of Pine Bluff, Ark., Rashawn’s interest in art developed during his childhood.  He is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff with a Bachelor of Science in visual  art. Rashawn is currently an art teacher in the Pine Bluff School District in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Rashawn’s artworks has been displayed in several juried exhibitions including the 61st Annual Delta Exhibition.

My artwork takes an artistic view of social issues.  My work explores the varying relationships between card games and art. My inspiration came from a conversation I had with a coworker who told me that we have to play the cards that we’re dealt with meaning that we have to live our life despite the struggle. The concept of my work is focused on people's roles in society while they deal with their life’s struggle and achievement. 

The cards represent choices the subject makes when it comes to their struggles in society. The work is identity based and is a message for people who are struggling with life’s problems to continue living and look for an opportunity for a better life. My portraiture is a collage that is made from playing cards that are cut into different shapes to form the subject. I glued the cards to create the piece that is presented to the audience. Using cards, I’m able to take something that was used as a means or entertainment into a work of art that mesmerizes the viewers.

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